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Returns & Exchange

The product/ goods/ item returns are conditional; the returns shall be governed by the terms outlined in Returns section. may revoke or deny or change return policy or return claim without any prior notice to you. We make no warranty to the end users for the quality, safety, usability, or other aspect of our products or services. We take no responsibility for the service or activity being offered, and the buyers/ users take responsibility for their own actions in utilizing those products/ services. attempts to provide maximum product information to its customers to support a well-informed decision. does claim any responsibility for the product pictures, videos or descriptions displayed on the website or product packs. The pictures are obtained from sources on the Internet. We only claim responsibility of the pictures and videos that we own. The physical product may not look and feel the same as displayed or described in pictures, videos or descriptions. Patokli do not claim responsibility for the difference in the product pictures and the physical product.

As of this date (March 10, 2019) we continue to follow our 7 day return policy for orders with in Pakistan. You can return the item(s) purchased (for which you have already paid for) within 7 (seven) days of placing order. Following conditions will apply:

– Item is not what was originally ordered
– Item has defects or damages
– Item is received in damaged (defective) condition
– Returned item is unused
– Return in requested within 48 hours of receiving.

Patokli reserves the right to accept or deny claims of any return, refund, exchange or any other transaction between buyer (you) and the Patokli reserves the right to deny exercising a return or refund or exchange or any other transaction between buyer (you) and the website,

The team/ owner/ designated employee may amend these Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy at any time by posting a modified version. The time and date of posting will be the effective date of Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies.